2.5 Kg Coffee Roaster

2.5 Kg Coffee Roaster

New, Stainless Steal, Nazar Kahve


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Nazar Kahve has began to serve the industry as a manufacturer of high quality coffee roasters and coffee makers and coffee grinders as well as our after-sales service. Nazar Coffee is attentive to the modern demands and sensitive to the requirements of global brands. Controlling and maintaining total quality in all processes. Company has been in business for more than 15 years and his machine gives results far beyond the minimum requirements.
Nazar Kahve coffee roasters machines Toasters are exported to countries all over the world.

2.5 kg batch capacity
Roasting time13-17 min.
Certified CE gas blocker
Run 3 phase motors with single phase electricity
CE heat insulated
4 Motors + 1 Cooling tray fan + 1 Drum fan
Chaff collector
Fuel type - Natural gas / Lpg / Propane
Electrical components best quality
Connect to the pc/ laptop via usb cable.
Easy maintenance
Individual motors for Fan and mixer fan. Start stop buttons for independently run
2 years parts warranty
Dimensions W95 L150 H135 (cm)
Weight : 170kg

PLC control machine features:
Operator Panel Control PLC and touch screen
Wireless, Ethernet, RS232, RS485 communication ports
WirelessRemote connection and control by
Observe and control by PC,Tablet or Smart Phone
With Datalogger can be monitored the chart of the roasting time and heat
Conrtol during historical data records on roasting process
Automatic and manual controls available.
Automatically runs according to the temperature chart.
Able to connect to the internet via Ethernet.
You can also watch and control from any location via the Internet.



Stainless Steal


Nazar Kahve

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