Stovetop Kettle

Stovetop Kettle

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Smart Pour™ 1.2L Stovetop Kettle for Pour Over Coffee Brewing

The Brewista Smart Pour™ Stovetop Gooseneck Kettle is a coffee and tea kettle with analogue thermometer incorporated in the lid. Gauge is a simply practical and comfortable option for for a lit stovetop or induction surface. In the lid is incorporated an analogue thermometer that shows the in both Celsius and Fahrenheit the current water temperature. With kettle body made of 300 series food grade stainless steel. this kettle with generous 1.2 literis built to last forever. Designed ergonomically and balanced handle make it to easy control the pour over coffee process with gooseneck spout allows for ultimate brewing accuracy. Stovetop Gooseneck Coffee Kettle comes with a sample pack of Cafetto Restore Descaler to get you started!

Durable stainless steel 300 Series kettle body
BPA free Polypropylene base
Phenolic resin Handlle
1.2 liter capacity
Analog temperature gauge in the lid
Temperature displayed in Fahrenheit and Celsius
Gooseneck spout for pour over coffee control
Ergonomically easy to grip handle
Auto-off function



Stainless Steal

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