Able KONE Coffee Filter

Able KONE Coffee Filter

Stainless Steal, Plastic, Able Brewing



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Third generation Able KONE filter coffee already here.
This is, by far the most attractive version of the Kone never created. The fit and finish are perfectly crafted. Additions of a ring of plastic bracket for safe food and flattend bottom of cone not only look great, but it also leads to the edges out, all the while adding rigidity of products to help maintain the integrity of the design of many years of clean sustainable coffee.
This is the third generation Able Kone coffee filter. It is a long life filter designed to be used with the manufacturer of Chemex coffee, the beer Kone and larger types of Brewers system pourover round filter. This filter allows more oils and a cup with fuller body compared with the coffee brewed with a paper filter. It eliminates the need for paper filters. Only a quick rinse with water is all that is needed to clean the surface of stainless steel.


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