About our company

Who We Are

Flavours Place, is an online marketplace connecting you to vendors from around the world, specializing in coffee, tea, cocoa, and spices. Our platform allows users to purchase the exotic coffee and tea blends directly from the farms using Bitcoin. Flavours Place is dedicated to all the coffee and tea lovers and producers from across the world, giving it the flavor of a community marketplace. In addition of these two beverages, the platform also offers some of the best varieties of spices and cocoa to its customers.

What We Do

We give opportunities for small scale farmers to deliver their high quality ingredients to customers from around the world. With a simple click of a button, worldwide vendors get a better and fair price for their hard work. Their products can reach new customers, introducing the world to a harvest that they are proud of.

Through our online marketplace, we categorize the coffee, tea, cocoa, and spices by continent, country, and type. You can choose your favourite or try something new.

We offer a traditional and straightforward secure credit card processing with MasterCard and Visa, as well as payment through PayPal. But more importantly, we offer an integrated bitcoin payment gateway. The use of bitcoin for payment allows the customers to avoid the monopoly of the global banking system.

Why We Do It

By providing an online portal for small scale producers, we support fair trade. Connecting the customer to our vendors helps to counteract the effects of speculators entering into the stock market in recent years, especially in coffee and cocoa. Speculators drive down the purchase prices from the producers, affecting the lives and jobs of many workers. Their financial trades also increase the end cost for you, the consumer.

We want you, our customers, to know that we care about the suppliers. And we know that it isn’t about the latest fad or trend to buy organic products straight from the producers. We care because you care for equality and fair trade.

A pleasant part of our work is to promote the using and growth of bitcoin.


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