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Authentic Hainan Wuzhishan Wild Old Tree bone of the dead Big Leaf Kudingcha Sweet Natural Health Kuding Tea baigu kudingcha.

Ilex bones, as the name suggests, tea and tea at the White brown and white terrier. Although the bones of big-leaf trees Ilex entrance more bitter, but bitter sweet, as Yuan Wang Shifu "The West Chamber" IV of this first fold: "Forget meal and sleep comfortable harm, if it is really resistant, Zhicheng endure, How can hook it Acacia Kujinganlai. "bitter small bones of the dead trees, durable resistant foam, brown clear emerald clarity, unique flavor, after the first bitter Gan. After drinking mouthful of fluid, full cheeks aroma, memorable. This section tea cost-effective, drink or gift from friends and family friends, are all good choices.

Cable tight knot, stand straight, body bone Shigemi, dark green color, good quality; drink sip, the first bitter sweet, tongue springs, sweet mellow. (Ilex Wuzhishan large leaves, smell the smell of dry tea with Chinese herbs, and how to never tasted such a big bitter Ding could not accustomed Oh, used to drink in Cha Ha will feel very fresh, making it more bitter, long time bubble tea chlorophyll release too, will turn dark green tea, are normal phenomena, oh,

Big leaf Ilex contains amino acids, vitamins and zinc, manganese, rubidium and other essential trace elements, which is why he is known as "green gold"!
Stop drinking one, after the first bitter sweet, slightly, tongue fluid, such as surging spring-like, sweet lingering aftertaste, which was in the top grade tea, Yamaga who drink to you the finest tea life.

Ilex, the zinc content is more than twice as green tea ingredients but also for insulin, the body must be one of trace elements selenium content is 20 times green tea (Selenium is an essential element of the brain). Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, according to research its natural ingredients showed large leaf Ilex contains 8 essential amino acids, flavonoids content was 1.37% ~ 2.63%, more than 0.38% to 1.74% compared with 0.99% green content

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