Automatic Tea Kettle

Automatic Tea Kettle

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The Smart Brew™ is an Automatic Tea Kettle for Pour Over Coffee & Tea Brewing

The Smart Brew™ is an Automatic coffee &Tea Kettle with capacity of 40.6oz / 1.2L and is fully programmable kettle. Now Brewista Automatic coffee & Tea Kettle allow you to wake up with your favorite tea. Fully automatic functions allow the user to select the ideal temperature and program it. You can choose the preparation time and also the automatic start time. The Pump Function is designed to control the steeping time. This way in the preparation of tea allows to acquire the taste that you like.

Over steeping is no longer a concern because botanicals never rest in the water, So. baskets which is provided with two filters to accommodate loose leaf botanicals or tea bags. The kettle has a function that allows to maintain the heat to an adjustable temperature up to to 160° and to avoid of this form of scheme of the leaves. At the same time the temperature is maintained as one prefers and has programmed before.

Smart Tea Brewer rom The Brewista Brew, is a keen way to prepare and serve a variety tea. The brewer ia able accommodate variable brewing temperatures for all kind of beverage.

Capacity 40.6oz / 1.2L




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