Brewista Ratio coffee Scale

Brewista Ratio Scale

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Brewista's Ratio Scale. Perfect coffee by pacing the exact amount of water to pour.

The new Brewista's Ratio Scale helps make perfect coffee by pacing the exact amount of water to pour. The scale is able to automatically calculate the water needed based on the amount of coffee grounds used and chosen ratio.

Through its double time bars are shown display the actual and desired pour over rates. The Brewista's Ratio Scale is automatically calculate and matching the timing bars achieves the recommended time.

The scale fits perfectly for those coffee lovers that want to get perfect pour over coffee. Ratio Scale features automatic and fully manual modes. The water to grounds ratios are adjustable. The Ratio Scale takes care of the math so you can take care of the customers!

Ratio Scale Product Features

Features include:

Make perfect pour over coffee always
The actual and desired pour rates is displayed at Dual timing bars
Adjustable ratios water to grounds
Automatic and manual modes
Great training tool for baristas
Nano water resistant coating
USB rechargeable battery with micro USB charging cord included in box
Also includes protective cover/tray
Silicone pad for water and temperature change resistance Included

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