Brewista Smart Scale II™

Brewista Smart Scale II™

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Coffee Trade Co> ( United States )
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The new redesigned comes with a USB rechargeable Lithium-ion battery to increase the useful life. The Smart Scale II™ has the same nano-coating water repellent as the original model, but is more water resistant thanks to the included silicone platform pad and completely sealed body. Smart Scale II™ automatically tares, automatically times, and automatically shuts off. It depends upon which mode has been selected by the user. There are six available modes . The scale is imperative for lovers of specialty coffee, especially the method of pour over coffee brewing but also for espresso machine.

Brewista believe that the preparation of coffee and tea deserves extreme care. They have put their best in their search for the best cup. They are a team of engineers, designers, roasters and blenders and coffee and tea aficionados who add decades to their experience of finding the perfect coffee.
The company designs and manufactures and distributes products for coffee and tea aficionados. A good part of its production is dedicated to the professionals of coffee and tea but also work for coffee and tea preparation at home.

Water resistant nano-coating
Rechargeable USB battery
Automatically times
Automatically tares
Six user modes
Displays in ounces and grams
Capacity 2000gr (70 ounce)
Accuracy 0.1 grams
Protective cover/tray Included
Silicone pad for water and temperature resistance
Product Dimensions W 4.2" (106mm) x D 5" (127mm) x H 0.7" (18mm)
Box Dimensions W 6.25" (159mm) x D 5.1" (130mm) x H1.3" (33mm)




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