Chemex Coffee Maker 8 cups

Chemex Glass Handle Series 8 Cup

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Chemex 8 Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker with Glass Handle for Pour Over Coffee

For lovers of purity in methods of extracting coffee, Chemex the most pure method in extracting an incomparable in its delicacy and cleaning cup of coffee.The Chemex Classic Coffee Maker stands out for its simplicity. The functional coffeemaker does not need parts of any kind to plug in and no settings no program. Invented in the distant 1941 dr Peter Schlumbohm, this simple coffeemaker has become iconic part of the history of the elaboration of the coffee. The Chemex coffee brewer which is both a laboratory tool and a piece of modern art features the most chemically correct method for brewing a robust cup of coffee. Is designed for a pure coffee brewing experience. The coffee does not come into contact with any porous surface so it only touches borosilicate.

The Chemex carafe is constructed from heat-resistant glass with a glass handle and tie. The carafe doesn't absorb any odors or chemical residues. It does not interact in any way with your coffee and therefore provides a clean and pure clear extraction of your pour over coffee cup.

Capacity 1-8 cups, up to 1000 ml



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