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Tea Sets

Enhance your experience with the right teaware!

Serve the perfect cup of tea in the finest tea sets. Shop with us for a range of stylish, unique, traditional and contemporary teaware, designed to make an impression. From ceramic, cast iron to handmade, you’re sure to find one that appeals to your taste, and caters to all kinds of budget.

New, Glass, Stainless Steal, Yama Glass

Yama Glass Tea Infuser 400ml for Tea Brewing The perfect tea infuser from Yama Glass comes with an stainless steal infuser so it's ready to use right out...

In stock
  $24.00 (฿0.0037155)

340.000 kg (749.5708 lbs)

Yixing tea set with dragon teapot
Out of stock
Ceramic, Handmade

Ceramic Yixing tea set with dragon teapot. Eleven pieces set. Color- black.

  $28.00 (฿0.0043347)

1.000 kg (2.2046 lbs)

Ceramic, Bamboo, Handmade

Chinese Zisha tea set bamboo tea tray It contains 11 units, including a: 1. tea pot, 2. six cups of tea, 3. network...

In stock
  $260.00 (฿0.0402510)

2.000 kg (4.4092 lbs)


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