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Buy single origin, single estate, green & roasted direct coffee beans online with bitcoin!

For Flavours Place, our passion for coffee goes beyond just offering you the best origin coffee. By implementing a farmer direct coffee bean procurement, we provide small scale farmers the opportunity to gain a fair price for their handwork. Exquisite tastes, premium quality coffee beans,speciality coffee, and a spectrum of single origin coffee selection are just some of our offerings. You can also buy coffee with bitcoin or via a safe credit card payment system. Coffee s a passion we share with you. And when you buy coffee beans from Flavours Place, you can guarantee that you’re getting nothing short of the best.

For the love of coffee

For some of us, coffee is regarded as one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. The vast range of new and exciting coffee flavours makes it an immensely popular beverage. If you are in search of the best place to buy coffee online, look no further than Flavours Place. We bring to you some of the best organic single origin coffee beans from some of the most well-known coffee growing regions. We are betting hard for specialty coffee and also working with small batch coffee roasters. In addition to selling roasted coffee we want to work like a flea market for green coffee beans for home coffee roasters and for two small coffee shops as well.. Buy coffee beans online with bitcoin, credit card or PayPal.


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