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Buy online freshly roasted arabica coffee beans and green coffee beans. Pay with Bitcoin

Arabica is one of the two great branches of the coffee family. For true coffee lovers this is the only preferred variety. It is a species native to Ethiopia and its cultivation extends over more than 60 countries located between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn between 900 and 2,400 meters in height. Arabica coffee beans account for 56% of world production and have a caffeine concentration of up to 1.7%. The most important subspecies of Arabica coffee beans are Typica, Maragogype, Bourbon, Mondo Novo, Mokka, Caturra, Blue Mountain, Catuay or Marella, among others.
At Flavours Place we are trying to work with coffee farms that produce in an artisan way a wide spectrum of this premium coffee. Our focus is on single origin coffees and single astate coffee farms and we are inviting artisan farmers that always maintain the good practices of organic production. We are also trying to have specialty coffee vendors in our flea market. A gourmet Arabica coffee experience like never before. Buy your coffee with Bitcoin!


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