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Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffees - scores 80 points or above according Specialty Coffee Association of America.

The evaluation of specialty coffees is carried out with tasters certified by the United States Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) with the Q Assessors License, which is a permit granted by CQI tasters with the knowledge and skills to Perform the certification.
Specialty coffees - scores 80 points or above accordingSpecialty Coffee Association of America.
According to the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) standards, coffee that receives a score of 80 or more is considered a specialty, Q ™ coffees provide a quality assurance that consumers can trust. The specialty coffee is not only a coffee defined by the flavors given by the microclimate of origin, but also determined by aspects such as perfect traceability.
Traceability allows to know the characteristics of the origin, processes and the route, from its origin of the grains of green coffee, until arriving in a cup of coffee in the cafe. Although many variables in roasting and cherry processing affect the taste of coffee, Q ™ coffees confirm that the grains used are among the highest quality in the world.


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