Cold Pro Coffee Brewing System

Cold Pro™ Commercial Kit

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The Cold Pro™ Commercial Kit for coffee shops and larger quantities of cold brew iced coffee

The Cold Pro™ Commercial Kit is a perfect suitable selection for coffee shops that have a lot of work and coffee roasters that want to carry and produce larger quantities of iced coffee. No more mess. The commercial kit actually solves all problems related to waste of whole lots lost due to malfunctioning or broken infusion bag filters.
Brewista proudly introduces the new Cold Pro™ System which is patented, works in a simple way of lifting, turning and draining and puts things in order when it comes to cold coffee brew. The waste and frustration caused by most cold extraction systems will already be a thing of the past

Brewista cold brew system works with a permanently open filter system that allows to shake the coffee and thus reduce the time of soaking in this way prevents residues caused by coffee grinding, leave unsaturated in a sealed bag as in the usual cold brew infusors.Without a doubt the Brewista's permanent filter is the heart of this cold coffee brew extraction system.
Designed and manufactured in food safe BPA free polypropylene, the permanent filter, and a photo etched stainless steel mesh can be used on its own, or together with a paper filter. Also with or the poly fiber finishing filter.




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Stainless Steal



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