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Cores Cone Filter Stainless Steel

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Cores stainless steal longitudinal slot filter, instead of round holes of the usual coffee filters.

Core don't made filter with small round mesh holes can easily be clogged by coffee particles. So water cannot flow outwards, and flows inside the filter and gathers in the central lower area. Thanks to the longitudinal slot, the coffee flows without clogging them. So even if a coffee particle is in the slot he hole is not clogged and water flow smoothly. The coffee filter Is made instainless steal what prevents the coffee from reacting with the filter in some way.

The bottom of the filter is raised so that it allows the coffee to flow through the side of the coffee filter. The lower area of the filter is flat, which allows the infusion of coffee to flow outwards and not to settle in the lower central part of the filter. In this way the water can come into contact with the coffee particles in a more uniform way and make extraction more homogeneous. Thanks to the longitudinal slots, the infusion time can be very short if we decide to use a very high water temperature. If coffee particles become trapped in the round mesh then the hole can become clogged. As a result, water does not flow smoothly.In Portugues"Cores" means "colour"

The company work to make your coffee experience
more enjoyable and colourful and bring the best taste and the best flavour from specialty coffee. The main product around which the whole range of "Cores brand" is built is the gold filter.
The brand concept developed using the advice of Maruyama Coffee,
worldwide known Japanese company in specialty coffee.
Cores is a brand for specialty coffee tools from Japan.



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