Cores pour over coffeestand

Cores pour over stand

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Cores pour over coffee stand, designed for Cores cone filters.

The assemble of Cores pour over stand is easy. Just put the pole on the base, and tighten two screws, and put the holder on the pole and tighten with the bamboo screw. Of course also disassemble it easily.

The filter holder is height-adjustable
By loosening the bamboo screw and moving the support up and down you can adjust the height of the filter holder very easily. Then just tighten the screw to fix it in the required position.

Close-fitting for Cores cone filters
Designed for Cores pour over stand for
cone filters C275GD & C270SS. That
filter fits well on the holder to get
precise control in brewing.

In Portugues"Cores" means "colour"
The company work to make your coffee experience
more enjoyable and colourful and bring the best taste and the best flavour from specialty coffee. The main product around which the whole range of "Cores brand" is built is the gold filter.
The brand concept developed using the advice of Maruyama Coffee,
worldwide known Japanese company in specialty coffee.

Cores is a brand for specialty coffee tools from Japan.




Second Material

Stainless Steal



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