Gold Coffee filter with glass mug

Gold Filter Glass Mug

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Gold Filter Glass Mug make it easy to prepare coffee or tea.

Just put coffee or tea directly into the Gold Filter and pour over hot water. Remove the filter and enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee
Cores use high quality materials for a perfect coffee extraction. It is well known that gold does not do any chemical reaction with anything, so the filter is made of stainless steel and then bathed in gold. So the filter does not add any odors or rare aromas caused by oxidation. It's a real gift for speciality coffee lovers.

In Portugues"Cores" means "colour"
The company work to make your coffee experience
more enjoyable and colourful and bring the best taste and the best flavour from specialty coffee. The main product around which the whole range of "Cores brand" is built is the gold filter.
The brand concept developed using the advice of Maruyama Coffee,
worldwide known Japanese company in specialty coffee.
Cores is a brand for specialty coffee tools from Japan.



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Stainless Steal



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