Hario Dripper WATER WOOD

Hario Dripper WATER WOOD - 2 LITRE

Glass, Wood, Handmade



Niponized Co> ( Japan )
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Hario Dripper WATER WOOD - 2 LITRE

A real show-stopper! Soft, no-acid, rich coffee flavor is what the water dropper Hario will give every morning and evening. The process requires patience 5 hours, but once the brewing is done the results are worth it. It is a masterpiece of design and functionality of Hario.
The water spray Hario uses drip percolation to produce remarkable cold coffee. Beer is able to see the whole process through the material borosilicate glass resistant to heat. As a process of brewing slowly (but surely) unfolds the user is able to control the speed of each drop (ideally one drop per second).
Hario Dripper Water Design
The water spray has a very elegant design that makes a statement. The body is made of wood and high quality glass Hario. The design water dropper is nothing like you've never seen before. Has a large bronze on top, below the tubes was divided into two and valves to control the flow of water. At the bottom of the tubes have paper filters and the metal filter. Even lower there are two pots on a wooden stand, where delicious coffee extract ends its journey.



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