Hario Coffee Syphon NEXT

Hario NXA-5 Next 5-Cup

Glass, Plastic, Hario



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Siphons are devices that have always been around but there is always an improvement worth making. Next Siphon from Hario is the latest innovation to siphon brewing. Classic method and contemporary design combined together, it leads to a few steps forward.


The rubber coated redesigned handle provides for a better grip. Its unique form will help with your movement and coffee making performance. Easier to hold than its predecessor, it will not lead to heating while you brew. But that’s not all as the NEXT siphon’s lower chamber has also been updated. New volumetric markers of 400, 500 and 600 ml have been added to the inferior part of the cup, making it easier to control the water quantity. The elegant lid helps keep heat in during extraction, as well as keeping the chamber stable afterwards.


Distinctive cloth filters make for a great siphon. Due to their low pores, they allow the passage of oils, but not suspended solids. This results in a crisp, clean cup of intense coffee with amazing flavor. However, if you much more prefer a more textured sip, with a heavier mouthfeel, you can enjoy NEXT Siphon with a metal filter. The choice can only be yours.


Are you one in for making a strong statement? The shape of NEXT Siphon is surely going to help with that. A sharp black and chrome contrast, alongside sleek lines have replaced straight lines and soft colors. No more, brown handle! You heard that right. The brewing chamber’s sides lean out at wide angles. While expanding the siphon’s physical presence, it pushes the limits of conventional design. No more goofy bulb as a bowl! The lower chamber’s new flat bottom has a more powerfull look and even hold more coffee. And that is always a plus.


- a 20 ounce/ 600 milliliter capacity

- a compatibility with a Yama butane burner

- great heat-resistant glass



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