Hario V60 Stainless Drip Scales

Hario V60 Stainless Drip Scales

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The Hario Stainless Steel Drip Scale

Product Description

The Hario V60 Metal Drip VSTM-2000HSV

Currently, we are getting a new convenient, long-lasting, user friendly advanced version of Hario V60 drip. This product is perfectly designed to use a stainless steel weight measuring platform. Users can take exact measurements of their grounds, and then efficiently time their process of brewing, with the help of this device. Therefore, you can always count on Hario v60 metal drip scales, every time you think of extracting coffee.

This device uses power at an economical slow rate. Once the power is fully charged, be sure to use the device for up to 80hours without stopping or switching it off. One of its interesting features is that, it is possible to charge the battery using a USB device, and also easy to use and maintain the device. For example, cleaning the stainless platform is as easy as removing it out of the device, just by a very simple twist. We must also appreciate its display. Unlike the initial one (LCD), this device has an improved version of the display (LED). The lively view encourages task performance since it is also friendly in the eye.

Some of the newly incorporated features:

A stainless steel weighing stage

LED light

Strong battery that can be recharged

The ease of cleaning

The non-slip Rubber Feet

Hario Drip Scale comprises the following;

The long lasting Nickel-Hydrated Battery

1x Hario V60 scales VSTM-2000HSV

Weight and timer showing on the LCD Black-light screen.


Stainless Steal

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