Guatrmala Huehuetenango green coffee beans

Huehuetenango Guatemala Green Coffee

Green, Washed, Single Origin, Guatemala



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The small Central American country with 9 million people is worldwide famous of his high-quality arabica coffees.
Perhaps because of the particular combination of volcanic soil a subtropical climate intensive cultivation and a very careful process using the wet process as a rule, results in one of the best coffees in the world. Since when it was first planted coffee in Guatemala, 130 years ago, now it has 4,000 coffee growers.
Huehuetenango is the name of a Department of Guatemala, a municipality in this Department which in turn is the departmental head. Is located in the north, and borders to the North and West, Mexico, to the South with the departments of San Marcos, Quetzaltenango and Totonicapán; and to the East by the Department of El Quiché.
Huehuetenango is the highest and driest and one of the three non-volcanic regions and have all the conditions to produce excellent coffee.
The cherry ripens slowly to finally end up as a dense and hard beans very appropriate for dark roast and espresso.
Distinct citric acidity with dark chocolate and peanut butter. Good body and strong aroma,
Very hard bean for roasts to a nice Italian or French roast. Great in espresso.
Region - Huehuetenango
Altitude - 2000
Process - Washed, Sun dryed
Shadow - grown


Single Origin



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