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KINTO 600ml Carafe Set

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Slowly coffee goes drip by drip. This is the the richness of going slow.
Slow coffee style is designed to improve and make more relaxing the brewing by the pour over coffee method.

KINTO 600ml Coffee Carafe Set is a cozy, organic shape mixed in space.
SLOW COFFEE STYLE is a concept of coffee, which is integrated in a slow and relaxing space. Coffee Carafe Set Feet adds a warm touch to a space with beautifully aged vintage furniture and plants. The delicate details awaken a fondness in the jug that resembles an old vase.

KINTO is glass crafts scaparate

KINTO 600ml Coffee Carafe Set are handmade in small quantities. It all starts with the firing of a heat-resistant glass tube. Air is then blown into the tube to form the glass according to the mold. In the end, one by one the handles are also made by hand. The work of human hands leaves this unmistakable sense of warmth to the simple form.

KINTO items stick to perfeccoin to decorate your living space

Coffeeware not only suitable for home use, also professional, in cafeteria or coffee shop. But also great as indoor items-this quality defines SLOW COFFEE STYLE.
The quality that defines SLOW COFFEE STYLE makes them perfect for blending into your living space and making your hand drip experience smart and pleasurable. Take a moment to prepare and savor a cup of smooth pour over coffee.

Put 10 g medium coarse ground coffee into the filter for coffee for 150 ml / 5 oz of dripped coffee. Moisten the ground coffee with a small amount of hot water to rinse or bloom. After letting the stew pile the coffee for 10 - 30 seconds. Pour the hot water gently, drawing a spiral. Remove the filter, pour coffee and enjoy your 'slow coffee'.



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