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Kinto 900ml Kettle

Stainless Steal, KINTO



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That time passes slowly is the basic concept around which KINTO has designed its series Slow Coffee Style Series. This series was conceived for the true lovers of pour over coffee method of preparation of the coffee, so that they have a time of relaxing at home while they prepare their favorite brew.

The Kinto 900ml Kettle Is one of the famous pieces of this pour over coffee brew set.

Made in stainless steel the narrow spout and gently curved that allows to adjust the speed of water. Also we can control the fun volume. The lid of the kettle is connected to the body and therefore can't be dropped when tilting too much. The kettle can be heated in the direct fire since it is made of stainless steel.

Kettle 900ml
ø80 x H170 x W215 mm


Stainless Steal



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