KINTO CARAT Coffee Dripper & Pot

KINTO CARAT Coffee Dripper & Pot

Stainless Steal, Glass, KINTO



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The Hi-End Kinto Carat is a beautiful and functional Coffee Dripper and Pot.
The glitter combination of heat-resistant glass and stainless steel gives it a jewel-like appearance. Made for authentic coffee lovers the dripper is very easy to use clean. The stainless steel filter allow to discard the use of paper filter. It is for this reason that in the end a maximum extraction of the oils is achieved. The aromatic oils of the coffee go directly to the coffee cup.

The carat of the coffee pot is made with a beautiful heat resistant glass. It shining with every drop of coffee added. Also the filter is equipped with a silicone base to sit securely above the pot while your coffee is brewing.

he marks on the carafe are reference for 2 cups and 4 cups.
The pot Its size balances well with the dripper and the angle of the handle gives it a sharp look.

Coffee dripper & pot φ112 × H 205・W140mm
Dripper φ112 × H105mm
Server & Lid φ68 × H130 W140mm-720ml
Coffee dripper φ112 × H105mm


Stainless Steal

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