KINTO Coffee Dripper

KINTO Pour Over Coffee Dripper

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KINTO has made its series "SLOW COFFEE STYLE" designed to enjoy a slow and relaxing time with your favorite drink. Elegant and playful made of stainless steel to extract the most of the coffee oil.
For decades, they are found in almost every home, the coffee drip or pour over coffee. The first dispsitivos were adapted to the classic hand strainers ceramic or plastic, where the boiling water is gradually poured into the filter with ground coffee. The finished coffee drip into a glass jar, which in turn is on a hot plate.
2 storage for coffee beans
This way of preparing coffee today of course there yet. But in the last ten years it has changed a lot. The coffee industry has such a simple machine, but is in continuous development to make much more convenient and comfortable machines. To the quality of coffee is prepared with the new models it has partially improved.


Stainless Steal



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