Kinto Slow Coffee Style Jug Set 300ml

Kinto Slow Coffee Style Jug Set

Glass, Stainless Steal, KINTO



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The Kinto Slow Coffee Style Jug Set. Is the Kinto way for have fun brewing slow coffee
Jug with its playful messages and seems a laboratory tool.
The plastic hoder of the jug can measure the coffee beans. Also is able to hold the brewer after finish brewing.
The filter and the holder can also be used to drip your coffee directly into the mug.
The stainless steel filter wouldn't retain more of the coffee oil, which brings all aroma to your coffee.
The holder also has scales on, so it can be used as a measuring cup for your coffee beans.
Slow Coffee Style Jug Set components are designed stackable. It helps to save space when not in use.

The coffee brew set includes
Jug - borosilicate glass
Filter - Stainless steel
Brewer holder - borosilicate glass



Second Material

Stainless Steal



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