Monarch Methods Kettle 320ml

Monarch Methods Kettle 320ml

Copper, Handmade



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Monarch Methods Kettle 320ml

Created especially to be used in the pour over method of coffee brewing, this Monarch Kettle is designed and hand made by Chris Chekan in Toronto.

Unique features

Gripping handleless increases the steering control, the speed and volume of discharge.

Reduced gooseneck flow speed limits diameter. Ease of pouring a drop of 1,200 ml / min.

Thermoport built for optional use with the thermometer. Check the temperature of water infusion in real time. It fits probes to 0.1875 "thermometer not included.

The exact dose volume ensures constant water with each beer, eliminating the need for percolation scales.

Temperature stability of more than a pound of copper in each boiler, well insulated with thick cork, keeps the water temperature along brewing.

cork insulation laser cut to size and tinted to keep warm and cold hand. With removable closure for easy cleaning.

Top with thin concrete recessed handle, solid and low profile, the cover has laser-cut copper and molten for a clean and classic look concrete.


Copper eventually develops a natural patina, depending on contact and exposure to the environment. The unique features of a kettle will become more pronounced; individuality a reflection of their environment and use.

Monarch kettles are intended to be filled with water only. Liquid acids can cause pitting and copper leaching.




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