Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Green coffee

Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Green coffee

Green, Washed, Single Origin, Organic, Fair Trade, Ethiopia



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Ethiopia, the land where was born the coffee has some ancient traditions in the cultivation of coffee.
It all started right here. The first coffee trees, where the first beans were roasted and ground to a fine powder, where the first cups were served with a jebena mud.
The tradition has remained almost unchanged for centuries and is reflected in the taste of these coffee beans.
Coffee is cultivated in a height of in a very fertile volcanic soil with ideal conditions to remove and unrepeatable exquisite coffee.
This coffee beans come from Konga Cooperative, Yirgacheffe, central southern Ethiopia in located in the Gedeo Zone.
Yirgacheffe coffee farmers Cooperative Union is composed of 24 members. Konga Co-operative Ethiopia since 2002 is one of those 24 members.
Organically grown strongly stands out for its delicate floral aroma, complemented by an elegant lemon acidity and a sweet, dense and fruity flavor. The body is medium.

Organic and Fair Trade
Region Yirgacheffe
Altitude 1900-2200 m
Process Fully washed and dried on raised beds


Single Origin


Fair Trade



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