handmade bamboo tray set

Original Chinese zisha tea labeled handmade bamboo tray set

Ceramic, Bamboo, Handmade



Wang Li Premium teas co.> ( China )
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Chinese Zisha tea set bamboo tea tray

It contains 11 units, including a:
1. tea pot,
2. six cups of tea,
3. network folder filter
4. tea towel and
5. bamboo tea tray.

This tea set is made of Purple Clay Zisha original, maintaining original fragrance tea.

The quality is very good.

Feature: Original zisha, mountain-river carved bamboo tea tray.

Tea pot volume is approximately 350 ml.

The volume of the right cup is approximately 200 ml.

The volume of the tea cup is approximately 45 ml.

The bamboo tea tray is approximately 38.5 cm long, 28 cm wide and 12 cm high.




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