Papua New Guinea  Full City Roast Coffee beans

Papua New Guinea Full City Roast


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Papua New Guinea Kunjin specialty coffee - freshly full city roasted.

Coffee was introduced in New Guinea in the early nineteenth century,
German and Papua administration, cultivators companies
of rubber. The first official document where coffee is mentioned in this country is a note included in the annual report of the British New Guinea.

This specialty coffee beans come from Waghi Valley region, Western Highlands.
Because of the exotic nature of this coffee, the harvest is very low.
The cup is characterised of bright and interesting juicy acidity, round smooth to full body.
The aromas are caramel and burnt sugar with berry notes.

Coffee is packaged freshly after roasting in valve bags to maintain freshness and air out.
If you need us to grind for you, please tell us what kind of grind on checking out page. We will be happy to do it!

Papua New Guinea Kunjin
Region: Waghi Valley,
Varietal Blue Mountain, Arusha
Altitude 1500 - 2000 masl
Process Washed, Sun dried

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