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The PUSH coffee tamper from clockwork espresso is the world’s most precise tamper

The stepless adjustment allow calibrated up to 0.1mm. This allows baristas to quickly find the right settings for their espresso recipe.
The base is 58.50 mm and is mechanically adapted to fits most baskets for ‘58mm’ most and the sixth of 58 mm. including VST, IMS. It is proven that exact adjustment improves the quality of extraction and reduces the channeling which in the end improves the quality and consistency of the espresso cup. Having an accurate fit in the basket has been shown to reduce channeling and improve extraction, ultimately increasing the quality and consistency of the espresso. Push tamper allows baristas to draw a consistent cup every time, no matter how they experienced.
It is very appropriate for fast-paced cafes where high-speed, efficient work is needed. Therefore it significantly reduces the preparation time of the coffee. Also reduces the risk of bruising the Barista Wrist. Using this tamper, the coffee waste is being reduced and thus controlled one of the main variables of the Express what is tamping. For the coffee enthusiast at home, this master the art of tamping is a big help to get a good cup of coffee.
It is clear that the better the tamping is the better the coffee will taste and the cup will be more consistent and delicious. This is an essential accessory for any coffee enthusiast.



Stainless Steal


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