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Simple Cha: Formosa Oriental Beauty (White-tip Baihou) Oolong Tea (Taiwan high mountain teas)

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nce upon a time, Oriental Beauty was originally called Formosa Tea among the Europeans and was enthusiastically sought after. People love this tea because of its natural sweet fruity flavor. The secret of this flavor is caused by tiny green flies that bite the tea leaves. The tea leaves that were bitten by green flies will change into yellow in color and the tea leaves produce an antibody which gives a natural fruity flavor. It is a very tedious work to only select and pluck the leaves bitten by green flies. Not only the tea garden has to be maintained without using any Pesticide, it needs a lot of good luck to get this tiny insect flown down.


Growing Areas: Taiwan (Hsin-Chu Emei)
Taste: It has a natural strong peachy flavor with smooth, mellow honey taste that lasts after several brewing.

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