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Single Cup Coffee and Tea Brewer

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Single Cup Coffee and Tea Maker
Brew Coffee & Tea in our new adjustable brewer.

The Proper Coffee presents its new Coffee brewer which takes the preparation of a coffee in the highest level of perfection. The tube design allows for a long and complex extraction of both coffee and tea.

This type of design as opposed to normal pour over coffee design, allows a robust consistent and at the same time smooth brew of a coffee.The infusion tip is specially developed to allow a slow extraction that can adjust according to our desires to have a longer coffee extraction in the time.

The glass tube is designed to hold 12 oz. of fluid max. The metal frame can be adapted for all sizes of cups or tea. The kit contains everything you need to start brewing coffee or tea. There are also two stainless steel filters in two different sizes to adjust the filtration according to the grinding of the coffee. These stainless steel filters are reusable. Also included are disposable paper filters that can be used in combination with stainless steel filters if we want to make a finer coffee brew.

The kit Includes:

Metal frame
7″ brewing tube
Adjustable aluminum brewing tip
2 different mesh size stainless steel filter
25 One time use paper filters
1 Main tube rubber ring



Stainless Steal

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Proper Coffee

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