Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee

Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee

Green, Semi-Washed, Sumatra



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From or seventeenth century when the Dutch brought coffee to Java, Sumatra is well known for its quality coffee. The north Sumatra’s Mandailing people gives the name of this coffee. Sumatra has a particularly good climate and rich volcanic soil suitable for growing good coffee
Though Mandheling as all Indonesia produces unwashed coffees. After drying along with cherry, the beans are washed in hot water which gives them a more uniform color.
This process gives coffee its unusually heavy bodied, and exotic flavor smoky flavor and meaty tasty coffee. Clean wuth low smooth acidity and rich, full flavor.
And of course there is the very desired odor of mold winery that is so characteristic for most of the cafes in Sumatra.

Origin Sumatra
Region North Sumatra
Variety Mandheling
Process Semi-Dry
Altitude 1500 masl





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