Tanzania Coffee  Grinder

Tanzania Coffee Grinder

Stainless Steal, Mahlkonig



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Tanzania Coffee Mahlkonig Grinder
The Mahlkonig grinder model gives the image of professionalism. Dedicated to preserving the fine aroma of the coffee, it is easy to clean and operate.
Design and Innovation:
It combines modern design, good grinding performance and technical innovation.
- knock-off device and combined bag holding in order to put every gram of coffee in the bag
- from the side of the grinder the stepless grind adjustment is accessible
- unique and modern design
- compact size perfect for coffee shops that are small and medium
- easy to clean, maintain and calibrate thanks to the modular structure
- no screws needed because of the new magnetic system that maintain the gind discs
- maintenance time and coffee residues is reduced
- homogeneous and cool coffee grinding performance and also for Turkish fine grinding
- stepless and flexible adjustment of coffee grinding fineness


Stainless Steal



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