The KRUVE Sifter

The KRUVE Sifter

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The KRUVE Sifter comes to solve the problem created by uneven grinding of coffee beans using a tiered sifting system. Dispose of two tiers and up twelve interchangeable sieves. Through these screens the KRUVE Sifter can provide 66 different coffee grind sizes without any Fines or Boulders. It's the same as cooking your favorite dish. The ingredients should have an equal size otherwise some come out sub cooked and other precooked

After pouring your ground coffee into KRUVE Sifter, you have to shake it a bit and you have your perfect coffee grind. In this way a perfectly coffee milling is achieved, always. every time. Many manufacturers of coffee grinders promise a perfect milling but the KRUVE Sifter really succeeds.

The KRUVE Sifter complements and improves coffee grinding but it must be said that you need a good coffee grinder also. KRUVE Sifter is also commonly used to calibrate the coffee grinding of coffee grinders worldwide, from the inexpensive home brewing models to the more expensive commercial-grade models.

With KRUVE Sifter home coffee brewers can now enjoy a standardized grind size language with a level of barista competition optimizing grinder size via micron-level precision.

What's Included:

KRU12 Model Includes 200; 250; 300; 350; 400; 500; 600; 700; 800; 900; 1000; and 1100μm sieves
Sieve holder.




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